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How is Mrs. Bloom?

November 18, 2016

By Kyra T.
Illustration by Jayden B.

Mrs. Bloom, our past principal, went to work at Skyline High as their principal this year. Before that, she had been the principal at Montclair for ten years.

Mrs. Bloom says Skyline is a “wonderful, really big place.” Skyline is on 47 acres of beautiful, park-like grounds. The buildings are all spread throughout the campus and are single-story. “When we need to move quickly from one end of the campus to another we ride in golf carts! I am having a great time learning to drive the carts!” Mrs. Bloom said.

Apple illustration by Jayden B.Skyline has a gymnasium, an auditorium that seats 1,000, a cafeteria, and a large library, as well as a full football field and tennis courts. There are almost 1,850 students enrolled, with just under 200 teachers and support staff. The number of students is almost four times the number of kids at Montclair.

There are different challenges at a bigger school. The biggest challenge Mrs. Bloom has found in working there is learning everyone’s name. “Good thing for me everyone is kind and supportive and very patient with me,” she said. Another challenge she found is that she gets almost 1,000 emails a week! She was surprised by the amount of time it takes just to meet with everyone that wants to talk to her and answer emails.

It is very different being at a high school than being at an elementary school, but in many ways it is very much the same. “All the same sort of things happen at each,” Mrs. Bloom said, “bells and schedules; attendance; teaching; meeting with students, teachers and families; lunch in the cafeteria; supervising students; announcements; and activities. The really big difference is the sheer volume of each thing.” Since Skyline is about four times as big as Montclair in all ways, the usual stuff that happens at all schools, is four times bigger or more frequent there. She says it can be very tiring keeping on top of it all. Another thing that’s bigger is the size of the students! “I was used to looking down or bending over to speak with kids and now I have to crane my neck and look up!” she said.

Mrs. Bloom very much misses being at Montclair. MES was a big part of her for ten years and it was very difficult for her to walk away. She misses knowing absolutely everything about everything that happens here at Montclair.

“I truly miss the otters!” she said. “I have several in my office just to keep me company and remind me from whence I came. I miss the kids most and watching students grow and mature and learn over the course of six or seven years. I know you are all in great hands with your faithful and fabulous teachers as well as Ms. Austin and Ms. Ousley.”


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