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Teachers Celebrate Thanksgiving

November 18, 2016

Thanksgiving table photo by Satya Murthy via Flickr

By Allegra B.

What do teachers do for Thanksgiving? Third grade teacher Ms. Nibblett went to Guerneville to see her mom and dad. One special thing about her dinner is that they have crab instead of turkey. Her favorite thing to do after dinner is lie around and eat pie while listening to music, and also playing music. Her favorite part about Thanksgiving is seeing her family. The day after Thanksgiving she takes her nieces to the Dickens Fair.

TK teacher Ms. Green goes to her mom’s house for Thanksgiving. Her favorite part of Thanksgiving is seeing family. Her favorite dish is stuffing. A special food they have is fudge. She loves everything made with apples. Her family makes apple-cranberry cider.

Librarian Ms. G goes to her husband’s family’s house in Southern California. Something unusual at her dinner is Jell-O salad with sour cream. Something special about their Thanksgiving celebration is that they celebrate Hanukkah, too.

Photo: Satya Murthy via Flickr / Creative Commons


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