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You Can Help Stop Bullying

November 18, 2016

By an UPstander by Denise Krebs via Flickr

By Leo H.

Yagh! I ran to the boys’ bathroom. I had to go so badly but …when I went into the bathroom I heard, “Hey! There’s a girl in the boys’ bathroom!!”

“I am actually a boy,” I said, but he didn’t listen. “No you aren’t!” he yelled back. “You have long hair!”

This happens more than you think. This happens every week. Bullying makes kids feel bad. When I was bullied I felt sad. I love having long hair and I love being a boy. Why can’t I have both? Everybody is different. Not everyone has to be exactly the same. If everybody was the same, life would be boring.

You can stop someone from bullying you by saying “STOP” sternly. If they don’t stop, walk away. If they still don’t leave you alone, tell a trusted adult like your teacher, the yard duty, or your parents. If you see bullying, don’t stay quiet. You can say “STOP” even if it’s not happening to you. Stand up for other kids!

Illustration: Denise Krebs via Flickr / Creative Commons


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