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Cozy New Thai Restaurant Joins Village Mix

February 3, 2017

Daughter Thai Kitchen in Montclair Village

By Miriam R.

When I stepped into Daughter Thai Kitchen I felt a strange but somewhat familiar feeling, like walking into a warm, cozy, secure home.

Daughter Thai specializes in southern Thai food. Southern Thai food gets lots of influence from India, so you might taste some cumin and other Indian spices in your dishes.

When I walked in with my other companions we were surprised to be greeted by four people. Then one of the waitresses stepped forward and beckoned for us to follow. We were seated at a table in the back.

The waitress handed everyone a menu. There is not a kids’
menu, but you can choose the level of spiciness. I chose medium spice.

My companions and I ordered: Tofu noodle soup; yellow curry; vegan fresh rolls; pad khua king, which is a Thai street food using vegetables; and Thai iced tea.

The food came about ten minutes after we ordered. Talk
about speedy delivery!

I liked the vegan fresh rolls the best. They’re not like other fresh rolls. Usually fresh rolls are hard and the peanut sauce doesn’t have much flavor. If you try Daughter Thai fresh rolls you will notice a big difference.

The rest of the food was delicious. But I should warn you about medium spice: It’s really spicy.

Unfortunately the Thai iced tea comes with a big shaving of snow cone ice on top. But the iced tea tastes good, kind of soothing.

The check was presented on a book, paper clipped to the cover. For four dishes and one drink it was sixty dollars! That’s expensive, but it was high quality.

On a scale from 1 to 5 stars, 1 being the worst and 5 being the best, I would give Daughter Thai Kitchen a 4 and a half. Way to go Daughter Thai!

Daughter Thai is at 6118 Medau Pl, Oakland.

Photo by Daughter Thai Kitchen


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