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MLK Oratorical: Freedom

February 3, 2017

An interpretation of James Grengs’s “Freedom’s Theme” by Taylor and Audrey

What is freedom?
Life, love, happiness in our hearts.
Is this so?
Can freedom be these, the good things in life?

Or is freedom more?
Is freedom the evils which our men have suffered to bring it to us?

Who care what color skin you have?
A boy or a girl,
History is a story that must be told
and it’s up to all of us to turn the pages.

Who cares what side of the field you’re on,
A batter or an outfielder,
We are all important.

On this day, we have a new president,
that says he’ll make America “great again.”
You can make a real difference by bringing back the memories of a man who had a dream.

sung through the ages is sacrifice
and pain, for happiness dearly bought.

is a hymn of praise
to God who smiled down on us and gave us America.

is love earned death
it is contentment with the shouts of thanks for all God has blessed us with.

Praise. Joy. Love and equality
should be the song on our tongues always.
Thanks to God for the privilege
dearly bought.


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