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MLK Oratorical: Really, America?

February 3, 2017

An original piece by Andrew G.

The world is a machine, always changing and getting fixed. But one thing we, as a society, have not fixed yet is that not everyone can fill their spot in the world. In other words, because of ageism, sexism, racism, or any other form of inequality, they can’t do what they wanted to do when they were created. Some examples are: For every dollar a man earns, a woman only earns 80 cents. Why, because she’s a woman? When a person of color reaches for something beautiful, they get nothing. Whereas a white person could take what they wanted to take barely even having to try.

To make inequality disappear, use your voice. After lots of perseverance, your voice will clear the way and level everyone so all of us would be equal.

Even if the wave of inequality does not affect you, still try to make things easier for others. Because the world isn’t just for you, it’s for others, too.


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