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MLK Oratorical: Sacrifice

February 3, 2017

An original piece by Owen D. & Evan G.

Imagine having thousands of slaves being whipped and killed each day. That was here, right in the USA. But there were heroes who rejected owning slaves. Even more than that, they fought against it. They laid down their lives for slaves.

Abraham Lincoln, you might have heard of him. He was our 16th president. He helped end slavery. Abraham suggested everyone is equal. He exclaimed, “If slaver is not wrong, nothing is wrong” and “No man is good enough to govern another man without their permission.” Abraham Lincoln was an inspiring hero whose memory will not be forgotten.

Harriet Tubman was an amazing hero to our country. She was the conductor of the Underground Railroad for eight years. When there were slaves, slaves in our country, she could say what most men can’t: “I never ran off track and I never lost a passenger.” That was our hero, Harriet Tubman.

Frederick Douglass was a slave himself, just like Harriet Tubman. He taught himself to read and write, educated himself to be smarter than you and me, even though he didn’t go to school. Frederick escaped slavery and then protested against it. He spoke so eloquently, most people had to listen to him.

As the clock of all the years runs down, I say Why? Why all the slavery in the past? Why all the terror? And why did we treat slaves like caged animals? Heroes in the past, such as Martin Luther King, Jr., sacrificed their lives for equality for all. And how do you think he would feel about our leaders right now? Think of all those years in chaos and stress. And the struggle that came along with all those slaves. Don’t you ever wonder why it matters what skin you are — purple, pink, black, white?

And we feel ashamed that that was us, our ancestors.

Don’t just hide in a hole. Speak our your mind, just like our heroes.

Justice should come for all, and close the negativity in this notorious world…and bring peace.


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