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MLK Oratorical: The Paying Field

February 3, 2017

An original piece by Kyra E.

The paying field in the money game was set upon a hill. The rich and strong are never wrong to pick the side that’s up; the poorer side is always left with the goal beneath.

The poorer side says, “That’s not fair! You chose the higher side!”

“Of course it’s fair,” said the richer side, “you’ve got more players than us.”

“I guess he’s right,” said the poorest guy, from way, way, down beneath.

“Of course we’re right, now let’s begin unless someone objects.”

The paying field, unequal as always, is no fun to pay on. Why all adults just dreaded it, but still let their kids dream on. Of paying on the paying field within the money game. Of paying on the paying field for games, more games, more games!

Similar to soccer games, at half sides are supposed to switch, but before the half as usual one side decides to quit! “This is boring, you’re awful,” shout out the rich, “so we will choose to quit.”

On goes the game on the paying field, in cycles and cycles and more. ‘Til all that’s left is the richest of the rich, and no more to work for.

Still not all rich speak like this, so no reason to be mad. At all the rich and all the poor, just never ever brag. ‘Bout money in the money game, whether yours or your friend’s. Keep it in your brain, not on your tongue like a boast waiting to be said.


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