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Montclair’s School Song

February 3, 2017

By Adora N.

I bet you all have heard our school song, “Hail, Montclair.” We usually learn it in music class. Everyone who goes to Montclair learns the school song in kindergarten.

It’s nice to learn about the song’s history. Our school song has the same melody as Cornell University’s alma mater. An alma mater is a school song. The melody was a popular song from 1857 called “Annie Lisle.” Two university students wrote Cornell’s song in 1870. According to music teacher Ms. Redman, our song was written around 1929, soon after the school was built.

Here are the lyrics:

Hail, Montclair on Oakland’s hillside,
To you we belong.
Standing now all joined together,
Proud to sing this song.

Through the years of joy and learning,
Finding friends so true;
You are in our hearts forever,
Hail, Montclair to you!


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