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Oratorical Inspires & Entertains

February 3, 2017

Martin Luther King, Jr.

By Audrey O.

2017’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Oratorical, held January 20, was inspiring and uplifting. Over 100 students performed poems and speeches by Langston Hughes, Maya Angelou, and the performers themselves, including an original piece based on the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton.” Most of the student performers ranged in age from 8-11 years old.

This year’s Montclair School winners are:
Choral: Mr. Winslow’s class
Individual Poetry: Chimezie W.
Individual Speech: Adora N.
Individual Original Composition: Arjun A.

The Montclair Elementary oratoricals are always amazing and unique. This year’s oratorical reminded us that we still have a dream and we can speak our minds.

Selected excerpts from the 2017 MLK Oratorical:

From “Raise a Glass” by Aidan F. and Hattie G., inspired by “The Story of Tonight” from “Hamilton”:

Raise a glass to freedom
and all men are created equal.
We’re going to include women in the sequel.
But we will never be truly free
until those in jeopardy
have the same rights as you and me.
Who lives, who dies,
who tells your story.
History has its eyes on you.
We will speak our way out.
Rise up!

From “Freedom” by Taylor and Audrey, an interpretation of “Freedom’s Theme” by James Grengs:

Who cares what color skin you have?
A boy or a girl.
History is a story that must be told,
and it’s up to all of us to turn the pages.

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Image: OUSD


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