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New Club Promotes Random Acts of Kindness

April 3, 2017

By Soleil C.
Illustration by Miriam R.

Random Acts of Kindness illustration by Miriam R.

The Acts of Random Kindness Club (ARK), a new group at Montclair, is a haven for all. The club’s goal is to make kindness viral.

“It was first started because my friends and I wanted to make the thought of being kind a fun learn-for-life experience,” said Monet A., one of ARK’s founders. Monet said she feels kids are learning the true meaning of kindness through the club.

Club members participate in “smile-giving” acts like putting move tickets randomly in teachers’ mailboxes or popcorn in students’ backpacks.

If you like to be kind or make a better day for someone, ARK is perfect for you. Club members will be handing out membership forms in the garden on Wednesdays or Fridays – look for t-shirts that say “Acts of Random Kindness.”

“I am so happy that kids are participating,” said Monet.

The club is looking for new ideas for how to be kind. Once you are a member, you can suggest ideas.

If you can’t or don‘t want to join, you can still do an act of kindness by holding the door for someone, saying hello to a stranger, or even just smiling at someone. Random things can make a random person’s day.


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