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Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday

June 6, 2017

By Ixchel A. and Kyra T.

All birthdays deserve to be celebrated. Here are a few ways to celebrate yours:

1. Sleepover: Sleepovers are the perfect times to hang out with friends!

2. Amusement park or waterpark: Go on a roller coaster, or on a waterslide and get wet.

3. Baseball game: Have cotton candy and popcorn.

4. Exploratorium: This hands-on science museum is really cool and has many unique things to see and do.

5. Animal shelter: Did you know you can have parties at the East Bay SPCA? You can meet the animals and help support the shelter. Look at those cute puppies jumping on your legs!

6. Pump It Up: Speaking of jumping – jump, jump, jump!


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