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Fire Alarm Havoc

November 29, 2017

Fire alarm photo

By Leo H.

On September 25, 2017 the fire alarm in Room 8 (Ms. Seltzer’s room) broke, which caused the fire alarms to go crazy all over the school all day long. It even went off before school!

It did make learning hard for kids and teaching hard for teachers, but most kids reacted well. We lined up every time for the first five times it went off randomly. Sometimes kids were going back to class and it went off on the way there! Because it went off all day the Oakland Fire Department even came.

Dr. Saddler was proud of the students’ and staff’s bravery and said she thought “it was a great opportunity to learn safety before and after school, also when it`s not a planned drill.”

Photo: Ben Schumin / Wikimedia Commons


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