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The Halloween Parade

November 29, 2017

Halloween Parade illustration by Amoria B.

By Lily G.
Illustration by Amoria B.

Tuesday, October 31 was Halloween. There were unicorns, animals, superheroes, and much more at the MES Halloween parade! Most people know what the Halloween parade is, but if you don’t, it is when every one in the school goes to the school yard and walks around to show off their costumes. There were many high-fives this year.

We usually have the same music at the parade, but this year we had old songs and new ones. Some songs from last year we heard are “Scarin’ Alive” and “Bat Dance.”

Dr. Saddler, our principal, was dressed as a witch. Other teachers dressed as the Cat in the Hat and a bee.

Daniel G. said, “I like the Halloween parade because it is fun to look at the crazy costumes.”


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