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Fourth Graders Visit Old Ships

June 2, 2018

Clipper ship by Veronica J.

By Veronica J. | Illustration by Veronica J.

This year all the fourth graders went on a field trip to the Hyde Street Pier. We went to see the clipper ship, but it had a hole in it so instead we went to a ferry called the Eureka.

There were three stations on the Eureka. At one, an actor pretending to be a sailor with a bad case of gold fever taught us how to pan for gold.

Next some students pretended to be merchants selling pans, pots, shovels, and hardtack. We had a shopping list and we had to bargain and buy the things we needed.

The last station was the captain’s station, where the captain taught us to run the ship.

If you haven’t been on this field trip yet, you should be looking forward to it!


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