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Journalist Visits Otter Tales

June 2, 2018

By Allegra B., Amelie P., & Maya G.

Kimberly Veklerov, a journalist from the San Francisco Chronicle, visited the Otter Tales crew in April. Kimberly writes about things that happen in the East Bay.

She has worked professionally as a journalist for two and a half years. She also worked as a journalist at U.C. Berkeley for four years.

Her favorite article she wrote was sad but interesting to investigate. It was an article about the death of a U.C. Berkeley football player.

She has always loved writing and wanted to be a journalist.

Kimberly’s favorite pet is a cat. She grew up with seven cats, two dogs, and a chinchilla!

These are just some cool facts about Kimberly. Look for her articles in the Chronicle.


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